Tips & Tricks for Getting Your Kids to Sleep

Children sitting on a bedroom floor with blankets.

For parents, few times of the day are more daunting than bedtime. Whether it’s incessant requests for another glass of water or simply the tossing and turning that keeps your little one from nodding off on a schedule, getting kids to sleep can be a challenge. Here are a few tips and tricks to try for how to get kids to sleep.

Create a Physical Wind-Down Routine

Simply announcing that it’s bedtime is not an effective strategy for how to help kids sleep. Instead, try getting the body involved by introducing a relaxing physical activity before bedtime. Going through a gentle yoga or stretching routine with your little ones can be an enjoyable way to connect with each other, and will help your child’s body to prepare for sleep. This tip is one of our favorites because not only is it a good tactic for how to get kids to sleep, it’s also a good way to instill a lifelong habit to support their health.

Make a Sleep-Friendly Environment

The right blanket, bedding, and mattress can go a long way when it comes to how to get kids to sleep through the night. Make sure your child’s mattress is being replaced at the appropriate time, and aim for bedding colors, accessories, and stuffed animals that are soothing, not stimulating. Temperature can also be an important factor in a person’s sleep space, so you may want to consider heavier blankets to help your child comfortably layer up during the colder months, or lighter sheet blankets to help kids sleep during the summer.

Minimize Anti-Sleep Culprits

Sometimes, how to get kids to sleep is less about what you do and more about what you don’t do. To help kids sleep, try cutting out the following:

  • Big meals within an hour or two of bedtime
  • Electronics in the bedroom
  • Distractions, like excess light or noise
  • High-energy activities, like video games or sports, right before bed
  • For older kids, activities that might cause stress, like difficult conversations or challenging tasks.

Get (and Give) the Best Sleep

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