Perfect Lightweight Blankets for Summer

We’ve all been there: you want a peaceful, relaxing night’s sleep under the perfect blanket, but the covers are just too warm for summer. A change in the seasons means a change in bedding, and a lighter weight of blanket is essential. Read on to discover some of the best lightweight summer blankets to help you relax and sleep better, all year round.

Start with Cotton

Vellux® cotton blanket in indigo blue

For texture, weight, and breathability, cotton is one of the best routes to go when it comes to selecting the best lightweight summer blankets. A simple cotton blanket has the benefit of being easy to care for and can visually elevate a space simply by being draped over the arm of a chair or the back of a sofa. For bedrooms, cotton blankets pair beautifully with lightweight sheet sets to give a soft, breezy feel and exactly the right level of comfort during the warmer months. Neutral, sophisticated shades like Gray Mist and Ecru make it easy to match existing decor while lightening up your go-to blanket weight in your bedroom or living space.

Rethink Your Sheets

One of the best cotton blankets for summer toes the line between blanket and sheet — which is exactly what you want when temperatures start to rise. With the feel of a blanket on one side and the feel of a sheet on the other, the sheet blanket offers the best of both worlds and looks great either way. Swap the sheet blanket out for your comforter during the summer, or add a light, low-key layer to your existing sheet set. Either way, this is undoubtedly one of the best lightweight summer blankets for any home.

Vellux® sheet blanket in light gray

Lightweight Comfort

Veering toward lightweight, breathable, and versatile fabrics is the perfect way to stay at your ideal temperature, both day and night, throughout the year. At Vellux®, we’ve crafted the best cotton blankets for summer to suit your style and the weather. Explore our entire selection of the best lightweight summer blankets to keep you and your family cozy and comfortable through every season, all with free shipping for orders over $24.99, free returns, and a 100% happiness guarantee. Discover your new favorite summer blanket at Vellux® today.

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