How to Make a Living Room Cozy & Inviting

A woman covered in a blanket on a couch.

Whether you love to host or simply want your family to feel as comfortable as possible, it all starts with the gathering space of the living room. Here are a few key tips on how to make a living room cozy.

Start with a Few Key Pieces

Whether it’s a statement coffee table, an incredibly comfy couch, or the perfect blanket, start by thinking about what makes you feel truly at home. How to make a cozy home is most reliant on what you and your loved ones enjoy, so start with the right sofa, a bookshelf or table you love, and lighting that isn’t too harsh or bright.

Make Easy Fixes to Suit the Seasons

While you’ll want to change up your decor to suit the changing weather, you can keep your major furniture pieces in play and simply swap out a few key details to refresh the look and feel of your living space. Keep a seasonal selection of blankets, candles, and finishing touches like coasters or vases to make your living room cozy without breaking the bank. 

A woman with dark gray socks reads a magazine and drinks coffee while lying on her blankets.

Appeal to the Senses

Going hand in hand with seasonal touches, making your home cozy is all about how your guests feel when they’re in the space. Perform a quick coziness check for all the senses.

  • Sight:Source a soothing color palette with natural touches. 
  • Sound:If you live in an urban area, noise-dampening curtains can be your best friend. Wherever your home is situated, consider a retro-inspired record player or small Bluetooth speaker for instant ambiance. 
  • Taste:Keep a few easy treats on hand for guests, and stow a variety sampler of teas with both caffeinated and non-caffeinated options.
  • Smell:When you don’t have time for freshly baked cookies, a candle or room spray will do the trick. And of course, nothing’s sweeter than a living room with fresh flowers. 
  • Touch:Do a texture check, and make sure that your furnishings – but especially pillows and blankets – are super soft to the touch.

Take a Poll

While certain strategies can make your setting more generally inviting, how to make a living room cozy may depend on a few key players. Ask your family members and any friends who are over frequently to weigh in, then have their favorite snacks, drinks, or other little touches on hand so they’ll feel right at home.

Mix Comfort with Elegance

As anyone who occasionally picks up a copy of Better Homes & Gardens knows, the best interior spaces don’t just look beautiful; they’re spaces in which you actually want to spend some time. To make a cozy home, opt for furniture and accessories that aren’t just the right colors, but that are also soft, comfortable, and inviting. 

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