Curating the Perfect Blanket Collection for Every Season

gray blanket next to cup of coffee and a candle

Keeping your home decor on point all year round is a bit of an art form. While major furniture items may remain the same, seasonal shifts live in the accessories. From scented candles to seasonal glassware, perhaps no element is more essential than the perfect blankets. To help you bring your coziness to the next level, here’s a quick guide to curating the perfect blanket collection for every season. From blankets for cold weather to blankets for hot weather and everything in between, check out our favorite blankets for all year round!

Cold Weather Blankets

During the winter months, incorporating great blankets in each room is a no-brainer. Opt for heavier blanket styles, like the Vellux® MicroFleece Blanket, which is both soft and luxurious, or the PlushLux Blanket, which combines soft-to-the-touch fabric with weighted composition for serious warmth. Luxe colors like rich ruby red and chic ivory are ideal for both the fall and winter. Snatch up a few of these cold weather blanket options to keep you cozy all winter long.

Warm Weather Blankets

When the weather starts to shift during the spring or at the beginning of fall, it’s a good idea to have a few blankets for warm weather on hand. One of our top picks is the lightweight Vellux® Cotton Blanket, which is perfect for layering when the weather changes and offers great breathability.

plush ivory blanket hangs from outdoor hammock

Hot Weather Blankets

Even when the weather climbs, it’s nice to have a few blankets for hot weather on hand. The perfect solution is often a hybrid style like the Vellux® Sheet Blanket. Beyond being easily drapable, an ultra-lightweight blanket is ideal for climates that are hot during the day but cool down at night.

Create Your Dream Collection

The secret to curating your ideal blanket collection for every season, from blankets for cold weather and hot weather to all seasons in between, is largely dependent on your specific home and where you live. Here are a few parting notes to help you pick the perfect pieces:

  • Build your color scheme to be versatile. Select colors like tan, ivory, and sage green that will feel as at home in the winter months as the summer months.
  • Shop smart. Keep a stock of blankets that are easy to swap out, at a price point that makes it possible to do so.
  • Stow multiple weights. Beyond the aesthetics of your home, the perfect blanket collection will have offerings in light, medium, and heavy weight variations.

To discover the perfect blankets for cold weather and hot weather and every season in between, explore the entire selection of blankets at Vellux®. You can also stay on top of the latest all-season looks on Instagram and Facebook! Follow our blog for the most up-to-date insights, and enjoy free shipping on your next $24.99+ order, along with a 100% Happiness Guarantee.

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