Cozy Blanket Gifts for the Person Who’s Always Cold

Blankets wrapped around base of a Christmas tree.

With the holiday season right around the corner, now is an ideal time to start thinking about the perfect gifts for the ones you love. From the promise of picnics to snuggling up by the fire, we’re partial to the idea that blankets make some of the most original, thoughtful, and cozy Christmas gift ideas. And since we love making the most of the season, we’re excited to share a few of our favorite gift inspirations. Read on for three of the best holiday blanket gifts!

1. A Can’t-Miss Classic

The Vellux® Original Blanket is a gift that your someone special is certain to love. For starters, it’s extremely soft to the touch, with a variety of colors from which to choose. As cozy gift ideas go, it also captures a perfect blend of personal and practical. For a blanket gift that the recipient is sure to get a lot of use out of, this original blanket – which some have called the softest blanket on earth – is an excellent choice for the person who is always cold.

Folded blankets with Christmas decorations.

2. Keep It Light

The Lightweight Cotton Blanket from Vellux® makes a great blanket gift that can be enjoyed all year round. To make this Christmas gift idea even more special, pair the cotton blanket with a pack of specialty coffees or teas, an amazing book, or a holiday movie that you can snuggle up and watch together.

3. Go Bold

For a truly holiday-inspired blanket gift, consider a gift idea that will complement your recipient’s seasonal decor! The PlushLux Blanket comes in rich, deep shades – one of our favorites is the ruby-toned burgundy red – that’s just begging to be added to your list of coziest Christmas items. For an even more color-inspired holiday feel, give a blanket in red and green, like the Vellux® MicroFleece Blanket in desert sage.

Blankets draped over a stuffed chair.

Discover Your Favorite Blanket Gifts at Vellux®

Whether you’re prepping for a holiday gift exchange or looking to brighten up a loved one’s home, Vellux® has you covered. Shop our full array of cozy Christmas gift ideas – including blankets, throws, and so much more – and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $24.99. And now that you have the holidays covered, read on to learn how to curate the perfect blanket collection for every season!

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