Comfort & Care: How to Clean & Wash Blankets

We’ve all been there: the joy and coziness of a brand new blanket, perfectly soft, comfy, and colorful. But then there’s the dread of preparing to wash it. Will the color stay intact? Will that incredible texture start to pill or wear thin? To help you make the most of your favorite blankets — and keep them at their absolute best season after season — we’ve put together a few essential tips for how to wash blankets safely and easily. Read on to learn how to clean blankets to preserve their quality, look, and feel.

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Start with Quality

While it may go without saying, one of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to how to wash blankets is to begin with quality products. Many blankets simply are not made to hold up after time, so it’s very important to check the list of materials before you buy. Fabrics like polyester and cotton are great for ease and simplicity of care. Of course, a cornerstone of how to clean blankets is knowing what fabric or fabrics they’re made from, and following any specific instructions on the label. When washed properly, high-quality blankets are far more likely to retain their shape and texture over time.

Machine Washing

When it comes to machine washing, gentleness is the name of the game. Here’s how to wash blankets using your washing machine, step by step:

  • Select a gentle yet effective detergent. (TIP: Make sure your detergent is color-safe and free from bleach and harsh chemical agents.)

Home Washing Machine with White Plastic Laundry Basket

  •  Add the advised amount of detergent to your machine. Too much detergent won’t necessarily make your blankets cleaner and can lead to challenges during the rinse cycle.
  • Load your blanket (or blankets, if space allows) into the washing machine. Keep it loose, with plenty of space for movement, and be sure to avoid overloading the machine.
  • Select cold or tap cold as your temperature setting. (This is a crucial step as warm or hot water can be tough on colors and fabrics.)
  • If desired, add a gentle fabric softener during the rinse cycle. This may or may not be needed depending on the blanket’s fabric type.

How to Wash Blankets by Hand

If you prefer to hand wash, start with a large, clean tub or basin, free from residue. Again, be sure to use only cold water, and gently swish the blanket after adding the correct amount of detergent (often a bit less than you think). Once the blanket has been cleaned, drain the sudsy water and replace it with cold, clean water, rinsing in a few rounds until the water runs fully clear and no detergent remains.

Drying Your Blankets

Whether you opt to machine wash or hand wash, the final step is to always air dry, avoiding the dryer and hanging or draping your blanket in a clean, dry location until it’s no longer damp to the touch.

With these few simple tips on how to wash blankets, you’ll be sure to enjoy your favorite blankets for years to come. For the latest tips and trends, be sure to follow the Vellux® blog, and connect with us on Instagram and Facebook

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