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There’s no overstating the importance of a good night’s sleep. Sleeping well has a number of positive impacts on overall health, susceptibility to specific conditions, and various aspects of brain function and mood. But for many, sleeping well — and sleeping consistently through the night — can be a challenge. To help you get your recommended dose of nightly rest, here are five keytips for a better night’s sleep.

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Looking for the right blankets to perfectly complement your home decor? You are in the right place! Allow the team at Vellux® to help you choose from a variety of blanket colors that are designed to fit in with various interior design aesthetics.
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Keeping your home decor on point all year round is a bit of an art form. While major furniture items may remain the same, seasonal shifts live in the accessories. From scented candles to seasonal glassware, perhaps no element is more essential than the perfect blankets. To help you bring your coziness to the next level, here’s a quick guide to curating the perfect blanket
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The more you love your blankets, the more likely you are to use them frequently. The more you use them, the more they will need to be washed. You may be wonderinghow to wash blankets to keep them in top condition, wash after wash, use after use?
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We’ve all been there: the joy and coziness of a brand new blanket, perfectly soft, comfy, and colorful. But then there’s the dread of preparing to wash it. Will the color stay intact? Will that incredible texture start to pill or wear thin? To help you make the most of your favorite blankets — and keep them at their absolute best season after season — we’ve put together a few essential tips for how to wash blankets safely and easily. Read on to learn how to clean blankets to preserve their quality, look, and feel.
  • 2 min read
We’ve all been there: you want a peaceful, relaxing night’s sleep under the perfect blanket, but the covers are just too warm for summer. A change in the seasons means a change in bedding, and a lighter weight of blanket is essential. Read on to discover some of the best lightweight summer blankets to help you relax and sleep better, all year round.
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